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We will be happy to assist you in all areas of landlord and tenant law for residential properties and commercial lettings for both long term and short term requirements.

LaNdLord & TeNant

ActiNg for LandLords


Thankfully with the initial help of a good letting agent or broker, most all commercial leases are negotiated in a prompt and effective manner and most tenants comply with their obligations, ensuring the rent is paid on time and the  service charges, rates and utilities are paid on time and being invested in the upkeep and maintenance of the premises. However, one bad tenant, refusing or unable to pay rent or meet their remaining obligations and generally neglecting your property can leave you significantly out of pocket. This is when you will require tailored effective action to resolve the matter.

At Townley Kingston we are able to assist you with the following :

  • Drafting of long or short term Commercial Leases and letting arrangements

  • Seeking consents of Superior Landlords/ Management Companies

  • Prompt taking of instruction with responding action, urgently if necessary for eviction of non compliant tenants

  • Serving notices and seeking injunctions/ issuing (re)possession or ejectment proceedings

  • Court representation

  • Pursuing and enforcing costs and damages awards against tenants

  • Enforcing covenants including reinstatement

  • Advice and assistance on complying with house rules, legislation and regulations

Representing Tenants

We also act for tenants in both commercial and residential settings. Where  strong lines of communication are fostered between the tenants and landlords from the outset, most all issues arising are resolved with little drama. However,  where communication has broken down or engagement non-existent then it may be very difficult to resolve problems and disputes can arise as you are unable to get the offending party to discharge their legal responsibilities without taking further action.

We can assist with any queries you may have in relation to landlord & tenant matters in both commercial property and residential property matters, and we o can ensure that you are afforded the full protection of the law, and assist you with any of the following:

  • Drafting of residential leases, letting agreements and assignments of existing contractual arrangements

  • Advising on breaches of contractual, regulatory or statutory obligations

  • Enforcing your legal rights in relation to possession and notices served or received

  • Representation at a Tribunal/ Court for unlawful eviction/ seeking damages, compensation and/ or reinstatement

  • Advice regarding property disrepair, damage  or neglect, compensation/ abatement of rent /compensation and injunction for urgent repairs

  • Long leaseholder advice and representation on Service Charge, Management Disputes, Lease Extensions and Enfranchisement


Contact us now to seek prompt and effective advise.

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